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Mike Del Rio Interview

Posted on 07 September 2009 by UnSpunHero

We sat down with New York’s Indie rock star, Mike Del Rio, to discuss his work, the urban inspiration, and the band’s future. Check out this exclusive interview below.

Mike Del Rio

Brooklyn, New York

Do you have a record label?
MDR: Hmm…Tricky question…I did start my own Label/Media group called Songbird Am I, but there are plenty of things in the works right now involving labels and distribution…so yea…tricky question.

I’ve noticed you mention Brooklyn in a lot of your songs. Is New York a favorable environment for writing and is the area a heavy influence on your music’s style?
MDR: Well, I’ve grown up in New York. Every phase of my life seemed to be in a different borough or neighborhood. A kid in Queens, teenager in Long Island, 20 something in Brooklyn. I’m quite the lucky fellow to be honest, to live in this bizarre bubble of colorful characters and foreverchanging scenes. The place has a pulse and will forever be inspiring as my home.

Are you currently working on an album?
MDR: Yesser… I am currently deep in the process of recording a full length album in a small recording studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Expected release is late fall of 2009.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing?
MDR: Relative to anything in life, you grow and evolve with experience. Meeting new people and friends, sharing ideas, philosophy, and music will change you in the process…its inevitable. Stylistically, like most people, one goes through phases as time goes on…but speaking for myself, I think learning different instruments has really shaped my writing and sound at this point. I’ve always dabbled in many instruments, but it was definitely the recent year I spent playing the keys that has brought on a lot of change..for the better I hope.

What’s the ultimate direction for your band? Are you seeking fame and fortune?
MDR: The Ultimate goal? To write the best songs ever written…which is highly impossible, but the process of trying to do that is what a career in music should be. I’d love to rule the world one day, and have millions of people connected to something I wrote in a basement somewhere in Queens…but if I can make something that inspires someone else and be proud of it for life…I’ll be a happy man….a grammy wouldn’t be a bad thing either…ha.

What was the last great record you found?
MDR: The last gem that I stumbled upon was a rare psychedelic record by Billy Nicholls called “Would You Believe”. It was basically supposed to be the British response to “Pet Sounds”. The album ended up being shelved with only 100 copies into pressing, due to some financial troubles with the label…anyway…its wonderful.

How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD?
MDR: Well Im on Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Reverb Nation, last fm, and any other social media phenomenon out there. Currently there are no tracks available for download, but as the album release date is finalized, we will be releasing a free 2 song sampler of some b-sides from the new disc. We’re shooting a video in the beginning of October with Sunship Films. We’ve already started pre-production motion stuff and it is going to be insane. Then the album should be out by late fall…

Any last words?
MDR: Last words? I’d like to think they aren’t going to be my last, hopefully. But in that case…Lets take over the world

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